How can bike-mounted cameras help you after an accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Getting hit by a car while riding your bicycle could result in serious injuries, perhaps ones that cause permanent disabilities and other lasting health problems. The possibility of suffering an automobile collision while riding is why some people mount cameras on their bicycles.

If your bike cameras record video of the road at the time a car hits your bicycle, you might end up with important evidence to help you secure damages. Bicycling explains two ways your video recordings may help you.

To help establish fault

Determining who has responsibility for causing an auto collision, even a cycling accident, is not always easy. The police may not find enough evidence to indicate negligence on the part of the automobile driver. If you have suffered severe injuries, you might not be able to provide a detailed account of your accident for a while, if ever. Your video recordings may speak for you when you cannot.

To provide objective evidence

You probably expect the police to be professional when investigating your collision. Unfortunately, some officers have a bias against bike riders. They think bicycles do not belong on busy roads, or they fail to understand the laws governing how bicycle riders and motorists should behave while on the same road. An officer might think you were riding in a location unsuitable for bicycles.

Be sure that a family member or someone else you know is aware of the cameras on your bicycle. You should feel confident that someone knows to access your bike camera footage in case you cannot alert the police to your video recordings of any accident you have become involved in.