Ways an employer might be violating your FMLA rights

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | employee rights |

California employees have specific rights to help them manage challenging personal times. As an example, the Family and Medical Leave Act authorizes unpaid, job-protected leave to employees for various reasons.

However, instances can occur where employers fail to uphold these rights. Employees should be aware of potential violations so that they can ensure fair and respectful treatment for themselves in the workplace. The following actions by an employer are potential FMLA violations.

Insufficient communication about leave eligibility

Employers must inform workers about family and medical leave eligibility. For example, the United States Department of Labor mandates that employers display a poster that summarizes the FMLA and explains how to file a complaint.

However, an employer could neglect to share such information. Consequently, employees might hesitate to request leave due to uncertainty about eligibility, leading to stress and conflicts between work and personal responsibilities.

Unjust denial of legitimate leave requests

Occasionally, companies deny valid requests for family and medical leave without proper justification. A manager might sincerely misunderstand the situation or fail to acknowledge the seriousness of the employee’s circumstances. Other employers might deny such requests as a form of punishment.

Retaliation for taking protected leave

There have been cases where an employer has taken adverse actions against employees who exercise their right to family and medical leave. These retaliations might include demotions or cuts in work hours. These responses can discourage other workers from taking leave.

Errors in calculating length of leave

An organization might miscalculate the amount of leave an employee deserves. As a result, the individual might return to work too early or receive a penalty for excessive absence. Incorrect leave calculations can disrupt an employee’s recovery process or hinder their ability to care for a family member in need.

Understanding family and medical leave violations is vital for employees and employers. Workers can protect their well-being by understanding these issues, and everyone can enjoy a more fair and considerate work environment.