What are some common injuries for commercial painters?

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Commercial painting is a physically demanding profession that requires skill, precision and careful attention to detail. While the final result may be a beautifully transformed space, the journey to achieve that outcome can often be fraught with risks and hazards.

Diving into some of the common injuries faced by commercial painters can help create a safer work environment.

Falls from heights

One of the most potentially catastrophic injuries faced by commercial painters is falling from heights. When painting ceilings, walls or exterior surfaces, painters frequently use ladders, scaffolding or hydraulic lifts.

Respiratory issues

Inhaling paint fumes and airborne particles can have long-term health consequences. Paints often contain volatile organic compounds and other chemicals that can be harmful when inhaled over extended periods.

Skin irritations and chemical burns

Contact with paint, solvents or cleaning agents can cause skin irritations and chemical burns. Commercial painters regularly handle paints and chemicals, making them susceptible to dermatological issues.

Musculoskeletal strains

The physically demanding nature of painting, including repetitive motions and awkward postures, can lead to musculoskeletal strains and injuries. Common problems include back pain, shoulder strains and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Eye injuries

Eye injuries are another concern for commercial painters, as paint drips or splatters can easily find their way into the eyes. Wearing safety goggles or face shields is vital to protect against these potential injuries. Furthermore, proper ventilation in the workspace can help reduce the risk of airborne particles getting into the eyes.

Noise-induced hearing loss

Many commercial painting tasks involve the use of loud machinery, such as power sprayers and sanders. Prolonged exposure to high noise levels can result in noise-induced hearing loss.

With 372,400 commercial painter jobs in America as of 2022, promoting a culture of safety in the workplace is important to ensure that painters can continue working. Those in charge need to pay close attention to possible dangers commercial painters face regularly.