What are some common myths about distracted driving?

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Distracted driving has become a major concern on roads worldwide, contributing to many accidents. Whenever you take your full attention away from driving, you experience distracted driving.

One of the reasons distracted driving continues to be an issue is because there are many myths surrounding the issue. Dispelling some of these myths can help drivers learn the truth and become less likely to engage in distracting behaviors.

Myth 1: Cell phones are the only cause of driver distraction

In 2021, according to the National Highway Traffic Safet Administration, distracted driving accidents resulted in 3,522 deaths, and while some of these collisions involved cellphone use, others did not. While cell phones are a source of distraction, it is a misconception to believe they are the sole culprit. Distracted driving encompasses a wide range of activities, including eating, adjusting the radio or conversing with passengers.

Myth 2: Multitasking makes you more productive

Many drivers mistakenly believe they can efficiently multitask while behind the wheel. However, research shows that the human brain struggles to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, especially when driving. Diverting attention from the road, even briefly, increases the risk of accidents.

Myth 3: Only young drivers are at risk

Contrary to popular belief, age does not exempt anyone from the dangers of distracted driving. While younger drivers may be more prone to certain distractions, individuals of all ages are susceptible to taking their attention away from the road.

Myth 4: Hands-free devices are safe

Hands-free devices might seem like a safer alternative to holding a phone, but research suggests otherwise. The act of engaging in conversation itself can be distracting, regardless of whether the driver is holding a device.

Myth 5: Quick glances are harmless

Some drivers believe that quick glances away from the road will not lead to consequences. However, even brief moments of distraction can result in life-altering accidents.

While you may be careful about avoiding distraction when you drive, other drivers may not be as diligent. If you sustained injuries in a distracted driving accident, take steps to protect your rights to fair and proper compensation.