Why you need an immediate medical examination after a car crash

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2024 | Personal Injury |

Car crashes happen unexpectedly, leaving individuals vulnerable to injuries that might not be immediately apparent. While it is tempting to brush yourself off and walk away, even small accidents can cause significant harm.

It is important to seek prompt medical examination after a car accident for several compelling reasons.

Early detection

In the aftermath of a car crash, not all injuries may be visibly apparent. Internal injuries, potential concussions or underlying musculoskeletal problems may not exhibit immediate symptoms. Rapid medical assessment is key to uncovering these hidden injuries before they escalate.

Preventing escalation

Even seemingly minor injuries sustained in a car crash can evolve into more severe complications if not addressed promptly. Immediate medical attention can deter these injuries from progressing into more complex and chronic conditions.

Establishing a record

Maintaining a thorough and immediate medical record is pivotal for potential insurance claims. Swift medical examinations create a documented account of injuries, their nature and their severity, serving as valuable evidence for any insurance claims that may arise.

Securing timely insurance benefits

Many insurance policies require the prompt reporting of injuries to qualify for coverage. Seeking immediate medical attention ensures compliance, enabling individuals to access the benefits and coverage entitled to them.

Addressing psychological impact

Beyond physical injuries, car accidents can also have a profound psychological impact. Anxiety, stress and potential post-traumatic stress disorder can surface. Prompt medical attention allows healthcare professionals to address both physical and mental health concerns, promoting holistic well-being.

Mitigating legal complexities

While your priority is your health and well-being, a swift medical examination can help avoid potential legal complications. It ensures individuals have a clear understanding of their injuries, enabling them to make informed decisions about potential legal actions without delay.

Although San Jose is participating in the state’s recently passed speed safety system pilot program, injury accidents will continue to occur on local roads. To protect yourself after a wreck, undergoing a medical examination promptly after a car crash is a prudent and responsible step.