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Pineapple Express, Other Weather Events Increase Car Accident Risks

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San Jose car accident attorneys, car accident risks, weather-related accidents, prevent car accidents, car safetyAs the weather system known as the Pineapple Express moved through our area recently, it wreaked havoc for drivers in San Jose and throughout the Bay Area. In addition to closing down bridges and entire transportation systems, it made car accidents and injuries more likely for anyone unlucky enough to be caught out on the roads.

While reckless driving behaviors often bear the brunt of the blame when crashes and collisions occur, weather events can be just as dangerous for you and your passengers.

Moisture from the Tropics Creates Chaos in NorCal

The Pineapple Express, a collection of atmospheric moisture that arises out of Hawaii and other areas in the tropical Pacific, ran through the Northern California area at the beginning of April 2018. It created chaos and power outages along the coast, leaving disrupted schedules and damages in its wake.

According to CBS San Francisco, adverse conditions hit the area early afternoon on Friday, April 6, and by that evening road closures, flooding, and motor vehicle accidents were being heavily reported. In addition to shutting down road traffic, the heavy rains and winds also disrupted flight schedules, while leaving passenger stranded at bus stops and train stations. Impacts were reported from our area on down through the Santa Cruz mountains, where rainfall was expected to reach up to eight inches or more.

Rain and Bad Weather Increase Car Accident Risks

While extremely heavy rainfalls such as those associated with the Pineapple Express do not occur on a regular basis, any amount of moisture or fog can reduce visibility and leave road surfaces slick, thus increasing the likelihood of car accidents and injuries. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), more than 20 percent of the estimated six million car accidents which occur each year in the U.S. are weather-related.

Heavy snowfall and icy road conditions pose obvious dangers to drivers and passengers, but many overlook the significant risks posed by damp and rainy weather. The FHA reports that two-thirds of all weather-related car accidents occur due to wet pavement, while nearly half happen during rain showers or storms.

Heavy moisture has the following impacts on the road and your driving ability:

  • Decreases visibility and increases the likelihood of glare;
  • Makes hydroplaning and skidding more likely;
  • Makes navigating around turns and curves in the road more dangerous; and
  • Requires additional time to respond to changes in traffic conditions.

Be aware that in our area, fog in the mornings or afternoons will leave road surfaces damp. To help prevent car accidents, make sure your tires have good tread and are properly inflated, have your brakes checked regularly by a mechanic, and give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go.

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