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San Jose Truck Accident: Uneven Load May Be to Blame

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San Jose truck accident, San Jose truck accident attorneys, uneven truck load, improper loading practices, poor truck maintenanceTruck accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Driver errors, such as speeding, approaching turns too fast, and driving distracted or under the influence are often primary contributing factors. In other situations, poor truck maintenance and lack of proper training may have made a crash or collision more likely to occur. In the case of a recent San Jose truck accident, shifting loads or improper loading practices may have been to blame.

Truck Overturn Causes Traffic Tie-Ups, Leaves One Injured in San Jose

Truck accidents involving semi-tractor trailers, 18 wheelers, and other big rigs can cause major damages, both to the truck driver and other motorists involved. Fortunately, there were only relatively minor injuries in a recent truck accident in San Jose. SFGate reports that on July 24, 2018 a Gilroy man was driving southbound on Interstate 880 heading towards Highway 1 in San Jose when he lost control of his 2009 Volvo 18-wheeler. The truck trailer began shifting towards the left and eventually overturned, coming to a rest between the fifth and fourth lanes of the 101 entrance ramp.

Despite the heavy amount of traffic normally present on the road, no other vehicles were in the vicinity at the time of the incident. California Highway Patrol reports that the driver of the truck was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for multiple lacerations and potentially broken or bruised ribs. The reasons for the truck accident are still under investigation.

Uneven and Unsecured Loads Can Increase Likelihood of Rollover Accidents

While a complete investigation will be needed to determine the exact cause of the crash, the fact that it was a rollover suggests three possible scenarios:

  1. The driver may have been going too fast as he approached the highway entrance ramp, causing him to lose control.

  2. The cargo he was carrying may have been improperly secured, causing it to shift to the left as he made the turn.

  3. The cargo may have been improperly loaded, with the bulk of the weight on the driver’s side.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), trucks accidents can rarely be attributed to one single cause. Trucks in general are top heavy and prone to leaning or listing on even subtle turns and bends in the road. When weight distribution is an issue or when cargo is not secured properly, a rollover accident becomes more likely, regardless of how safe the driver is. In these cases, the trucking company itself may be liable for damages, due to a lack of training or due to negligence on the part of employees.

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