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Protecting Yourself Against Injuries in Large Crowds

Posted on in Personal Injury

San Jose personal injury attorneys, large crowd injuries, accidental injuries, slips and falls, traumatic brain injuriesAnytime large groups of people are assembled together, whether inside auditoriums or sports arenas or outdoors at festivals or public street events, there is the chance for conditions that make personal injuries more likely to occur. Space may be at a premium, unexpected accidents can occur, and fights can break out, causing pandemonium and chaos. Knowing what to do and how to handle yourself in a crowd can help to ensure your safety. Consider the following tips to protect yourself and others who are with you.

Preparing Yourself For Crowded Events

Pushing, shoving, and being crushed between objects or under people are all concerns in large crowds, as are slips, trips and falls, and injuries due to dangerous conditions such as fires, electrical problems, adverse weather conditions, and acts of violence by others. Places where these types of issues may occur include sporting events, concerts, street festivals, and social or political protests, such as the recent Families Belong Together rally in June 2018, which the Mercury News reports brought more than 20,000 people together in the Bay area.

Consider the circumstances surrounding the event you are attending in advance, the venue at which it will be held, and the ways you can prevent being caught up in the types of situations that make accidents and injuries more likely to happen. Common types of injuries suffered at these events include:

  • Soft tissue injuries due to slips and falls;
  • Broken bones and dislocated joints;
  • Severe cuts, lacerations, and puncture wounds;
  • Serious burns and heat stroke or dehydration;
  • Crushing injuries, causing damage to limbs and body organs;
  • Back and neck injuries, such as slipped or herniated discs; and
  • Head injuries, including concussion and traumatic brain injuries.

What to Do at an Event

Facility owners and event coordinators or hosts do have an obligation to ensure the safety of guests and attendees, and should take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. For example, the University of the Pacific advises their event planners to take the following actions:

  • Identify the type of crowd the event is likely to attract, what their needs might be, and the specific behaviors which could be an issue;
  • Have easily identifiable volunteers and security to assist with crowd control and any problems that do arise;
  • Make sure the facility is large enough and has the necessary accommodations; and
  • Make sure to have an evacuation plan in place.

Protect yourself when you go to an event by making note of the exits and entrances, and avoid places which are roped off or otherwise prohibited. If it is an outdoor event, make sure to take plenty of water and sunscreen. If you get an anxious feeling and notice the behavior of the crowd changing, play it safe and move to a location where you can make a quick escape.

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