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CA injury lawyerCar accidents can happen to even the most experienced drivers and can result in serious personal injuries. It is not enough to simply rely on luck or your driving skill; you need to take actions to prevent collisions from impacting you and others on the road. The following are six tips to follow, designed to keep you and your loved ones safe behind the wheel:

1. Keep your car running properly.

A properly maintained car is less likely to suddenly malfunction. Consider doing simple tasks, such as checking tire pressure and oil levels on your own while taking your car into a mechanic for regular maintenance. Spending the money now to make sure your car is safe will save you in the long run.

2. Take your time getting where you are going.

Being in a rush makes you more inclined to speed, which is a leading cause of car accidents in San Jose. According to statistics from the California Office of Traffic Safety, close to 3,000 people are killed or seriously injured in speed-related crashes in Santa Clara County each year. Pay attention to how fast you are going and reduce your speed on treacherous roads, in construction zones, and during adverse weather.


San Jose car accident attorney, teen car accidents, driving safety tips, reckless driving, distracted drivingFor parents, the day their teenager gets his or her driver’s license is the day they can retire from being a chauffeur—no more carpooling kids to school or waiting outside movie theaters when your child is late for the pre-arranged pick up time. Unfortunately, it can also mean the end of a good night’s sleep, as you wait for your teen to return home safely in your vehicle.

Teens are the most at risk group for car accidents, which can end up resulting in serious and potentially life threatening injuries. The following offers information to make you aware of the dangers, along with tips on communicating to your teen the importance of driver safety.

Teen Car Accidents and Injuries


California accident attorney, California injury lawyerThe term defensive driving is used to stress the importance of awareness on the roadways, and the practice is encouraged via defensive driving courses, which are offered regularly from county to county and state to state. Being observant of our driving environment and remaining cautious of the drivers around us are key practices in preventing car accident and injury. While we do not have the power to prevent every collision that comes our way, we can make the choice to drive on the defense and train ourselves to catch potentially dangerous situations on the road before they have the chance to result in serious accident and injury.

What to Look for as a Defensive Driver

As you make the effort to drive defensively, there are a number of scenarios to watch for as you operate your vehicle. You should continually take into account the weather and the conditions of the roads you are traveling, as well as changes in traffic patterns or any emerging construction work zone areas. One of the most significant, ongoing problems to be vigilant of is distracted driving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that there are 1,161 injuries and at least 8 deaths each day due to distracted drivers. Any of the following observations are immediate red flags that you are encountering a driver who is not paying attention to the road:







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