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San Jose personal injury attorney settlement police shootingRonald Wood, who filed an excessive force lawsuit after he was shot by a City of San Jose police officer in 2015, will receive a $500,000 settlement from the city. Wood, 53, was shot multiple times after police say he tried to grab a shotgun in a patrol vehicle. Jachimowicz Law Group contended that at the time of the shooting, Officer Daniel Morales should have already known the weapon was not loaded and was not in Wood’s control when he fired at Wood.

“This set of circumstances was unfortunate for both our client and the officer involved,” Jachimowicz Law Group Attorney Josh Jachimowicz said. “The resolution of this litigation is fair and takes into account the degree of the city’s liability as well as the impact of Mr. Woods’ future medical needs.”

Facts of the Case

Police responded to a call on September 24, 2015 in Monterey Oaks to check in on Wood, who reportedly said he was going to commit suicide. Morales located Wood sitting on a curb and spoke to him through his passenger window, and Wood eventually reached through and into a duffel bag in the vehicle’s front seat. Morales exited the vehicle and pepper sprayed and tased Wood. Moments later, Wood moved to the driver’s side and reportedly told Morales he intended to pull the shotgun from the center console.


CA injury lawyerIn San Jose and throughout the Bay area, there are numerous opportunities to attend sporting events. Whether you are watching minor league baseball or a pro-football game, one thing you can count is that fans will be enthusiastically cheering on their favorite team. Unfortunately, the competition can get intense, particularly when alcohol is involved. In a recent case, a San Jose man suffered potentially life-threatening personal injuries after being beaten up by another fan outside a 49er’s game. When these types of situations or other incidents occur, you need professional legal guidance in determining who is ultimately responsible.

Brawl at Local Sporting Event

While sporting events may be ‘just a game’ to some people, others take an extremely serious interest in supporting their players and in the overall outcome. Whether there is money or simply bragging rights riding on a game, tempers can easily flare. Unfortunately, a San Jose man was recently caught up in an altercation outside Levi Stadium, which left him fighting for his life as a result.

The 33-year-old victim attended the recent football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals. As he was leaving the stadium, he kicked a beer bottle laying on the ground, which came close a 34-year-old Madera resident. Police say that the Madera resident dramatically overreacted to the situation. He approached the victim, striking him with his fist once in the head, then punching him a second time as the injured man attempted to get away.


personal injury claim, San Jose personal injury attorneys, accidental injuries, medical treatment costs, personal injury lawsuitSerious and potentially disabling injuries can occur in a variety of situations. While referred to as ‘accidents’, injuries you suffer are often the result of another person’s reckless or negligent conduct. In these situations, you may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim.

As even the most seemingly minor incidents can end up resulting in major damages and costs, it is important to take the steps necessary to protect yourself when an accident does occur.

Common Types of ‘Accidental’ Injuries 


California injury lawyer, California accident attorneyUnder state law, injury to a person that stretches beyond physical injury can be the basis of a personal injury lawsuit. If you are a victim of mental distress that was suffered after someone intended to hurt you emotionally, California law may provide that you have a cause of action for damages.

Emotional distress can have a huge consequence on your life, and the person who inflicted this harm on you should be held responsible.

Elements of Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress







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