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Takata Airbag Scandal Continues to Plague Auto Industry and Endanger Drivers

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San Jose auto recall attorneys, Takata airbag scandal, auto recalls, airbag defects, defective airbagsAirbags offer potentially life-saving protection in the event of car accidents and injuries. They provide a cushion to keep you in place while preventing you from slamming against windshields, dashboards, or other hard surfaces. Unfortunately, one of the major automotive airbag manufacturers has been embroiled in controversy while being the subject of auto recalls for the last three years. Rather than saving lives, the company is accused of producing defective airbags that can end up leaving drivers and their passengers with serious and potentially life threatening injuries. New developments in the case and additional recalls impacting major automobile manufacturers continue to keep the Takata airbag scandal in the news.

Airbag Recall Triples in Size Over Past Year, While Consumers Wait for Replacement Parts

In April 2018, Consumer Reports relayed the latest information about the Takata airbag defect scandal, which has impacted more than 37 million automobile owners in the United States. The problem was first discovered in 2015, yet automobile manufacturers have been slow to add themselves to the list or to make provisions to replace the nearly 50 million airbags that are estimated to be defective. Over the past year, the number of cars affected has nearly doubled.

In March 2018, a Senate hearing uncovered the fact that of the 17 auto manufacturers subject to the recall, only six had made provisions for customers to receive loaner cars while they waited on replacement airbags, associated parts, and installation to finally be finished.

Consumer Reports states that with so many vehicles subject to the recall, Takata is finding it impossible to keep up with the demand for replacements. After admitting they knew the airbags were defective when they were shipped to manufacturers, the company faces criminal fines and consumer lawsuits estimated to be worth billions of dollars.

Automakers Sued Over Airbag Defects

According to Consumer Reports, Takata filed for bankruptcy in June of 2016, but is still required to maintain a trust fund for victims, along with providing the replacement parts. Automakers, many of whom have since been implicated as knowing that the airbags were defective, have pledged to give up their own claims against Takata and to contribute roughly $100 million or more to the victim fund.

A March 2018 Market Watch report indicates that as allegations continue to emerge about what automakers knew regarding the defects, they are increasingly the target of lawsuits from consumers who have been injured. In addition to not properly inflating in the event of a car crash, Takata airbags have been known to inflate prematurely, while the occupant of the vehicle is simply driving along the road. Drivers face potentially serious puncture wounds and lacerations to the head, throat, and chest, along with an increased risk of being involved in a collision as a result.

Have You Been Injured Due to Automobile Defects?

When auto manufacturers fail to disclose dangerous conditions or defects that could endanger consumers, they can be held liable for any damages that occur as a result. Contact Jachimowicz Law Group and request a consultation with our talented San Jose auto recall attorneys to discuss your rights to compensation.









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