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Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney for Traffic Offenses

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San Jose traffic defense attorneys, traffic offense, traffic court, traffic tickets,  traffic violationYou are headed down the road, maybe on your way to or from work or school, and suddenly you see red lights in your rear-view mirror. In some cases, you know what you are being pulled over for. You may have knowingly committed a traffic offense, such as going several miles above the speed limit or racing to get through a traffic signal. In other cases you may not have been aware of doing anything wrong, but you end up with a traffic ticket nonetheless. While you may be upset about the fine or think the citation is unfair, you have what you consider two choices: pay the ticket or risk the consequences. Actually, there is a third and far more practical option, which is to contact a criminal defense attorney to fight your ticket in court.

Penalties for Traffic Offenses in San Jose

It is easy to get a traffic ticket when driving through San Jose or exploring the surrounding areas. If you do get one locally, it will likely be handled through the Santa Clara County Court Traffic Division. They have a ‘convenient’ online payment system for paying fines, which many drivers do even if they believe the ticket was unjust. What drivers often downplay or fail to consider is the additional penalties you will likely be facing as the result of your traffic offense. These may include:

  • Court costs and fees by the county and the state;
  • Points on your license, which jeopardize your driving privileges;
  • A black mark on your driving record, resulting in increased insurance premiums; and
  • Mandatory traffic education classes if the incident involves a moving violation or car accident.

Defending Yourself Against a Traffic Ticket in Court

Between the added costs and inconvenience that can result from pleading guilty to a traffic ticket, hiring a defense attorney to take your case to court is often a more cost effective solution. California Court rules often require you to appear at a hearing if you have certain types of traffic offenses. Rather than waiving your right to appear at this hearing and enter a not guilty by paying your ticket, our San Jose criminal defense attorneys can appear on your behalf.

Ways in which we defend clients in these types of cases include:

  • Disputing the traffic violation you are accused of committing;
  • Disputing the reason you were pulled over or the procedures followed by the law enforcement official;
  • Disputing the circumstances surrounding your ticket, to show lack of any criminal intent; and
  • Negotiating with the officer or the prosecuting attorney in your case to have your ticket dropped or reduced.

Contact Us Today for Help

While a traffic ticket may seem like a minor offense, it can have potentially serious ramifications. Before deciding to simply pay your ticket, reach out to our skilled San Jose traffic defense attorneys first. At Jachimowicz Law Group, we will be happy to review your case and offer practical suggestions on how we can help. Call or contact our office online today.









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