Why Do I Need a DUI Defense Lawyer in San Jose?

Many people arrested for suspicion of DUI in California struggle with the decision: “Do I need a DUI defense lawyer? Is it worth the cost?” The short answer is yes. With a criminal defense attorney representing them, a drunk-driving suspect dramatically increases their chances of avoiding jail, keeping their license, and limiting their exposure to harsh DUI penalties. Having an attorney on your side opens up your legal options. Without an attorney on your side, you severely limit your chances of success.

Jachimowicz Law Group is a criminal defense law firm that handles drunk-driving criminal defense. We are not a DUI-mill. If you need to fight the charges you face, if you want skilled and experienced defense lawyers with years of experience in San Jose DUI criminal defense and with the resources of a large criminal defense law firm, call 408-550-1732. Having our team on your side may save you considerable time, money and effort.

DUI cases involve a number of technicalities that could seriously impact the outcome of your case. Our lawyers know how to sift through the evidence and look for the holes in the case against you. This may include determining

  • If the breath, urine or blood test results are legitimate
  • Whether or not you were legally stopped
  • Whether or not an officer properly handled your case and protected your rights

We have decades of experience in Northern California courts so we are extremely familiar with the California legal system. Also, an attorney can normally appear for you without your ever appearing in court. A lawyer experienced with the technicalities and nuances in the law can perceive opportunities for complete dismissal of your case or at least a reduction in the severity of the sentence. Whether it is your first DUI charge or you are a repeat offender, the help of an attorney can make all the difference.

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A DUI Lawyer is Needed for Damage Control

An experienced DUI lawyer will be able to examine the facts of your case to determine whether there were mitigating circumstances. Mitigating circumstances can reduce your sentence and help you avoid jail time. An experienced DUI lawyer will challenge the evidence presented against you and seek to minimize the consequences of a DUI charge or conviction by considering such questions as:

  • Was your blood alcohol (BAC) barely over or under the limit?
  • Were you unaware of how a prescription drug would affect you?
  • Was the evidence illegally obtained?
  • Are you at risk to re-offend?
  • Have you participated in alcohol education programs?
  • Were you actually impaired at the time you were driving?

Skilled DUI defense lawyers know all of the options available to a defendant. We are experienced with alternative sentencing and recovery programs, and we may be able to help you negotiate a felony charge down to a misdemeanor. We work with top experts who can challenge the evidence and help us present your best case in court.

Any evidence that was illegally obtained is inadmissible in court. A proven DUI lawyer will fully examine the facts of your case, assess the scene of the arrest, interview witnesses and argue for your rights if any evidence was obtained illegally. If there was no legal basis for your stop, we can assert your rights to prevent the use of that evidence against you in court.

Even if evidence was lawfully obtained, it may be challenged on other grounds. For example, some medical conditions can affect the results of a blood or breathalyzer test. An experienced DUI lawyer can examine the individual circumstances of your case and challenge the evidence used to substantiate your DUI charges in court. Attorneys have access to resources and strategies that the general public typically does not. Furthermore, we have experience with hundreds of DUI cases in San Jose and Northern California.

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