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At Jachimowicz Law Group, our lawyers have the resources and experience to help if you face a denied insurance claim. We are extremely experienced insurance bad faith attorneys who know that insurance companies often deny or endlessly delay legitimate claims for benefits. We know how to fight back. Throughout the Bay Area, we provide assistance to people who have realized that their insurance company will not honor their coverage agreement.

If an insurance company has failed to make good on a valid claim for benefits, call 408-550-1732 to speak directly with a bad faith insurance attorney at the law offices of Jachimowicz Law Group. Your initial consultation is free and most cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis.

When Is An Insurance Company Acting In Bad Faith

If you have faithfully paid on your auto, home, or business insurance policy, you have every right to expect that the insurer will be there for you when you need to bring a claim. If your spouse or parent paid for life insurance and they have passed away, has your claim been denied? Unfortunately, many policyholders discover that in their time of need — after a home fire, theft from a business, loss of a loved one, or after storm damage or a car accident — their insurance company is looking for a way out of the contract.

  • Was your claim denied because the insurance coverage did not cover that specific type of loss?
  • Did the insurance company “low-ball” you by offering only a partial payment for your losses, claiming that your home was not worth as much as you say or that your stolen property decreased significantly in value?
  • Did the insurance company try to blame you for the fire or theft and suggest insurance fraud?
  • Did the insurance company deny your claim and cancel your policy, saying that you were untruthful on your initial application?
  • Did your employer-provided insurance force you to endure long delays in paying your claim on a disability, life, or health plan?

These are just a few examples of the types of insurance bad faith that you may experience. Through expensive and attractive marketing campaigns, these massive companies often promise to support their clients in hard times. But, too often, they look for any excuse to avoid paying. Our lawyers can help you dispute their decision.

Delaying And Unfairly Denying Your Claim: Our Lawyers Know How To Counter These Tactics

Your insurer may force you to jump through endless hoops, endure mountains of paperwork and make false promises that never get realized. You do not have to submit to this type of treatment. By delaying and unfairly denying your claim, they may be practicing insurance bad faith. If they are, they are breaking the law and we can help you seek justice and compensation for their wrongdoing.

Some of our lawyers previously worked as insurance defense attorneys. This gives our firm valuable insight into how insurance companies justify turning down your claim and how they make mistakes in turning down or undervaluing claims. Some tactics the company may use:

  • Claims adjusters may create continual delays in paying on the policy, wearing policyholders down until they finally accept less than full coverage in order to move forward with repairing or replacing their property.
  • Insurance companies may rely on a low-ball appraisal to say that your property was worth only a fraction of its true value. We will challenge that appraisal and request a reappraisal.
  • Insurers sometimes misinterpret the provisions of a policy and declare a valid claim for damages to be outside the policy’s provisions. We will review your policy to see if this is true.

As a policy holder, you have a right to be treated fairly. If you have been the victim of insurance bad faith, we may be able to help.

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