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Has your employer done something illegal? Have you witnessed tax fraud, sexual harassment, discrimination or wrongdoing of any kind in your workplace? If so and you plan to report your employer, contact San Jose lawyers who focus on whistleblower protection. If you report your employer or plan to do so, call us as soon as possible so that we can help you avoid some of the most challenging legal complexities that can arise in these cases. The law is on your side. So are we.

Bay Area Whistleblower Protection

Your employer may try to intimidate you or scare you into not reporting illegal activity. In some cases, you may be fired in retaliation for your report or for making known that you plan to report violations of the law. We will ensure that your rights are not violated and, if your employer retaliated against you, we will hold them accountable. If you were fired, this may be a case of wrongful termination and retaliation. You may be entitled to considerable compensation.

With more than thirty years of experience in employment law, attorneys at the law offices of Jachimowicz Law Group are well-qualified to provide counsel and representation. Our attorneys have repeatedly been named some of San Jose’s best lawyers by San Jose Magazine in the areas of employment discrimination and sexual harassment.

Learn your rights and discuss ways to protect yourself from wrongful discharge. We offer free and confidential consultations. Call 408-550-1732.

If You Have Reported Your Employers Misdeeds, Don’t Wait For Them To Retaliate

Do not wait until your employer has fired you to discuss your employment law matter with a lawyer. Call our California employment law firm before you are laid off if you suspect that your whistleblowing may result in loss of your job. An attorney from our employment law firm is prepared to help you deal with your employer. We advise employees on safe ways to report, or refuse to participate in, illegal activities at the workplace.

Employers may go to considerable lengths to prevent you from reporting illegal behavior. Contact us early in the process so that you have proven legal allies on your side. Not only may you be fired for whistleblowing, but your employer may also refuse to recommend you, may “blacklist” you or may take other actions that would negatively impact your personal and professional life. This is illegal and your employer should be prevented from retaliating against you.

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