San Jose Racial Discrimination Lawyers

Employment Attorneys For Victims Of Discrimination In San Jose, California

While race discrimination in the workplace tends to be more subtle than it was in past generations, it is still a barrier for African American employees, Asian employees, and others. If you have been discriminated against, we are a highly experienced group of lawyers for victims of discrimination, and we will fight for your rights. Some communities are seeing a surge of discrimination against workers based upon their ethnicity or national origin, including Hispanic workers and those of Middle Eastern descent. In some cases, employees are being harassed and discriminated against because they are perceived to be of a certain ethnicity or national origin. Furthermore, even if an employer is not directly discriminatory, it is their responsibility to ensure that a safe and hospitable work environment is created. If they fail to do so, they may be violating the law.

The law is clear: An employer cannot discriminate because of race, ethnicity or national origin with regard to:

  • Hiring or promotions
  • Firing or layoffs
  • Segregating employees into certain job classes
  • Failing to offer a class of employees job training or other career opportunities
  • Employing one group of people under different terms or conditions than other employees because of race, ethnicity or national origin

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With more than 30 years of experience in California employment law, our lawyers can provide you with sound legal advice and strong, effective trial court representation in cases of racial discrimination. Our lawyers have repeatedly been named by San Jose Magazine as some of San Jose’s Best Lawyers in the area of employment discrimination. Our team of employment attorneys have a history of success handling discrimination cases for employees.

International Businesses And Discrimination

California is home to a large number of corporate offices of international businesses. In these workplaces, racial insensitivity can be the result of international business personnel failing to understand the requirements and protections of California employment law and federal employment law.

In such cases, discrimination is not limited to people of color. We find instances of discrimination in which Caucasian American workers are treated differently than the employees from the company’s country of origin. While this may be part of the company “culture,” it can run afoul of American law.

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