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Defense Attorneys For Child Pornography Arrest In Santa Clara County, California

At Jachimowicz Law Group, our San Jose lawyers have the experience needed to mount a strong defense against online sex crime charges. Because two of our attorneys are former police officers, our law firm has a unique perspective on how these cases are prosecuted. We use this knowledge and our decades of legal experience to build strong cases for clients accused of online sex crimes.

An online sex crime conviction can result in a significant prison sentence, a felony record and lifetime registration on the sex offender registry. It can affect an individual’s ability to work, live or travel. It can ruin a person’s relationship with family and community. It may even affect where a person can live. These are significant consequences; it is important to have a strong advocate to fight such charges.

Santa Clara Lawyers Handling Online Sex Crime Cases

Our attorneys defend clients against state and federal online internet sex crime charges that include:

  • Child pornography possession, purchase or distribution: It is important to consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as an investigation begins. Do not wait until charges are brought. These are tough cases that require consultation with computer and internet experts to establish the facts of the case.
  • Internet solicitation of a minor: These can be complex cases, often involving police officers posing as minors. Charges are usually brought when the target of a sting operation asks the minor for nude or otherwise pornographic photos or to meet for sex.
  • Child prostitution: Individuals charged with promoting child prostitution through the internet face the same serious consequences as those charged with other online sex crimes.
  • Luring a minor: The alleged scenario behind this charge is an adult enticing a minor under the age of 14 to leave home for an illegal purpose. This charge often involves an internet chat room or online sex site.

Although many charges of online sex crimes involve minors, they are not limited to minors. Lewd internet chatting and internet promotion of prostitution are just two charges that can affect people of any age.

In online sex crime cases, the police will probably seize the computer that is alleged to be involved in the criminal activity. These can be high-profile crimes, and prosecutors are often overeager to bring charges before investigating thoroughly. Our attorneys not only conduct their own investigations and review the prosecution’s evidence, but also consult with forensic computer specialists to determine whether the child pornography or prostitution charges are based on facts.

Contact A San Jose Internet Pornography Attorney To Discuss Your Case

If you or someone you love has been accused of an online sex crime, contact a San Jose criminal defense lawyer at 408-550-1732. We know how to help.

There is never a charge for your initial in-office conference with us. At that conference, the facts and defense of your case are discussed as well as the fee we will charge. In most cases, payment plans can be arranged.

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