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Unfair Business Practice Conflicts Lawyers In Santa Clara County, California

Our San Jose lawyers have advised countless clients through the most complex legal territory related to California law. Unfair business practice law is one such area. We have the resources and the experience to handle these types of cases which are, quite often, some of the most intricate. State and federal laws are in place to ensure fair competition between businesses. If your business is suffering or is being threatened in any way, it may be the result of someone else’s unfair business practices. We have been helping both small and large businesses in these types of situations for decades.

Your competitors may be spreading false information about your business; there may be a concerted effort to force you out of business; false advertising by a competitor may be cutting into your profits; a former business partner or employee may be sharing company secrets. If you have these or any other concerns related to unfair business practices in California, call us at 408-550-1732. We may be able to help you protect your rights and your bottom line.

Get Answers To Your California Business Law Questions

Whatever industry you are from, you may be financially impacted if your business is being victimized by false advertising, theft of intellectual property, the violation of a confidentiality agreement or any other nefarious action practiced by a rival.

Our attorneys have answers to your questions and can provide peace of mind. Most importantly, we have the experience to represent you in aggressive negotiations or at trial. Whether you are accused of unfair competition or believe that you are being negatively affected by such practices, we have 30 years of success to rely upon for your benefit.

We are a law firm that knows how to perform the necessary investigation and identify the crucial evidence necessary in these types of cases. If your case involves civil litigation and also involves criminal charges, we are your guides as we offer comprehensive representation in the area of employment law, criminal defense and business litigation. There is no scenario or legal challenge that is too complex for our legal team.

If pursuing an injunction against an offending party is necessary, we will pursue that tactic. If an injunction has been placed against you, we may be able to challenge that court order if that is in your best interests. We may also pursue compensation for you if your business interests have been harmed as the result of unfair business practices.

We will typically start with negotiations with your opponent. If they are not receptive to our initial efforts, we are prepared to become increasingly aggressive. If taking your opponent to court becomes necessary, we are tenacious courtroom attorneys. We will use whatever strategy necessary to protect your rights and help you pursue your goals. We serve business clients throughout the San Francisco bay area, Silicon Valley, Oakland and San Jose.