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Bench Warrant Attorneys In Santa Clara County, California

If you have been arrested in California with absolutely no warning, you need immediate legal assistance. You may be facing considerable anxiety about what will happen next. Our lawyers have answers and strategies to protect your rights. If a search warrant has recently been executed at your residence or if you have been arrested, don’t wait to call us. Just because a judge signed a warrant does not mean that the police had probable cause to get the warrant. The most important thing to do after receiving a warrant is to obtain the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Experienced Lawyers Who Can Help

From our San Jose law office, we provide legal counsel and aggressive representation to clients throughout Santa Clara and Northern California. Our attorneys have been helping clients resolve issues with arrest, bench and search warrants for over three decades. A conviction does not automatically follow from a warrant and we know how to challenge the case against you. With more than 30 years of criminal defense experience and a legal team that includes former police officers and prosecutors, we know how to help.

California Search Warrants And Federal Warrants

Each client’s situation is different, so we develop warrant defense strategies tailored to the circumstances of the arrest or search. Our lawyers can move to have a search warrant thrown out entirely, arguing that there was no probable cause, despite police assertions. If successful, this strategy means that any evidence collected during the search cannot be used in subsequent criminal proceedings.

Arrest Warrants

We can also help clients who receive arrest warrants in the mail or are arrested by police. In some instances, it will not be necessary to spend time in jail or post an expensive bond. When clients suspect that they may be on the receiving end of an arrest, it is important to take action even before the warrant arrives. Call us at 408-550-1732 before calling a bail bondsman. We may be able to save you considerable money on bail alternatives.

Bench Warrants In Santa Clara County

Bench warrants are issued when an individual has not fulfilled a court order such as an order to appear, pay a fine or complete community service. Our lawyers can get the case put back in the courtroom if we get involved before police make the arrest. Many of our clients fail to comply with court orders because they fear they will be arrested or did not understand the order. The best thing to do is call an attorney right after a missed court date or fine payment. It is much easier than paying a bail bondsman and spending time in jail.

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If you have been arrested or have had your car or home searched in San Jose or anywhere in Northern California, we may be able to help you stay out of jail and get your life back on track. We offer free consultations and case evaluations. Contact us online or call 408-550-1732.