Construction Liability, Contractual Disputes And Injury Litigation 

Insurance companies employ lawyers to help protect them from liability costs when roofs leak, walls collapse, leaky pipes cause mold, or plumbing doesn’t work. If you are an injured buyer or tenant, you can level the playing field by having our lawyers on your side. As experienced advocates for clients with construction-related lawsuits, we know the right questions to ask, the right experts to call upon and the right strategies to use to pursue maximum compensation. With more than 30 years of experience serving clients throughout Northern California, our legal team has the resources and tenacity to pursue your goals and fight for justice on your behalf. Our San Jose construction defect lawyers have access to the engineers, analysts, and other specialized resources necessary to litigate construction defect cases.

Committed To Integrity And Quality Care

Northern California home buyers, property owners, business and residential tenants who have been injured, harmed or suffered financial losses as the result of construction defects are advised to contact experienced San Jose construction defect lawyers to schedule a no-cost consultation. Our San Jose construction defect lawyers will be completely forthright in our assessment of your case. If your case has merit, we will suggest the next best steps. If we determine that your case does not warrant our legal representation, we will be candid with you and offer you suggestions. However, we have a reputation throughout San Jose and all of Northern California as construction defect lawyers who often accept cases that other attorneys turn down. There is no legal challenge that is too complex for us to handle and no opponent too formidable for us to confront. Contact us if you have any type of legal issues related to construction defects including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Custom home construction errors or delays
  • Faulty construction in tract homes
  • Unsafe building materials used in your residence or office
  • Structural defects in condominiums, apartments or commercial buildings

You may be coping with water damage, cracks in your building’s foundation or dangers resulting from poorly installed water heaters or appliances in a home. Toxic materials may have been used in the materials to build your home or place of business. When builders rush to complete projects or do not prioritize safety, landlords, small businesses, investors and families often suffer. Our law firm is ready to help.

Builders Must Be Held Accountable

Call 408-550-1732 or contact our attorneys to schedule a consultation. Learn how we can protect your interests when the home, building, or office that you bought or rented has caused you harm. Whether you have suffered physical injury, financial injury, or both, builders must be held accountable. After your consultation with us, you will have a clear idea about the merits of your case and the next best steps to take.