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When a vehicle includes a defective part, a devastating car accident can result. It is the responsibility of car manufacturers to make sure their vehicles are safe and to notify consumers immediately if it is found that a certain make and model of vehicle contains a defective part that could cause a wreck. Issues with steering, leaking fluid, faulty brakes and defective tires are examples of dangerous potential problems with motor vehicles that can lead to car accidents. Auto recalls have become commonplace in recent years but these auto recalls often do not occur until serious injuries or fatalities result.

If it is found that a vehicle manufacturer’s negligence contributed to you and your family’s suffering, you may be eligible to recover compensation for your losses. If a company knew about a defect in a vehicle and did not notify consumers before a serious or fatal accident occurred, it must be held responsible. In some recent high-profile auto recall cases, evidence indicates that some corporations may have concealed the truth from the public and delayed auto recalls that could have saved lives.

Our Lawyers Hold Car Companies Responsible

Our law firm has more than 30 years of experience helping car accident victims recover the compensation they deserve in some of the most complex cases possible. We thoroughly investigate all car accidents by hiring experts to help us reconstruct exactly what happened to identify all causes and find the parties responsible for the crash. This may mean analyzing damaged vehicles with the assistance of engineers and studying years of complex reports from the automotive manufacturers.

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You do not need to fight for compensation on your own. Your case may be included in a class action lawsuit if the vehicle manufacturer may have been negligent. Or you may fight for compensation as an individual plaintiff. Whatever your circumstances may be, our attorneys have the resources and the decades of experience you need on your side. Contact us today. We serve clients in San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area and throughout Northern California in seeking justice from national, international, domestic and foreign car companies.