San Jose Arbitration Lawyers

Attorneys For Out-Of-Court Settlements In San Francisco Bay Area

While our civil litigation and business law attorneys are extremely experienced trial attorneys, we are also extremely experienced in representing clients through arbitration and out-of-court settlements. Our San Jose arbitration lawyers have represented innumerable clients from a wide variety of industries at all phases of the arbitration process. The San Jose arbitration lawyers at Jachimowicz Law Group have decades of experience representing corporations, small businesses and individuals through arbitration.

While the arbitration process may be less formal and may resolve issues more quickly than a court room trial, arbitration can also be extremely complex. San Jose’s Jachimowicz Law Group is a civil litigation law firm that has the resources, the experience and the knowledge for the highest stakes and most complex legal challenges. Call our San Jose arbitration lawyers at 408-550-1732 to discuss your legal options.

From Consultation To Resolution, We Are On Your Side

From consultation to resolution, our San Jose arbitration lawyers are on your side throughout Northern California. Contact us at the first sign of legal trouble. We will review the facts of your case, analyze the details and explore the legal options. Throughout the legal process we will vigorously pursue your best interests through all available means including Alternative Dispute Resolution.

If you have entered into an arbitration agreement and litigation becomes a reality, you need attorneys who are experienced and also have the resources to represent you aggressively. The expeditious and successful resolution of your case may depend on lawyers who can assemble the facts, argue for your position and present your legal issue in the most favorable light. For the last several decades, we have proven to be the arbitration lawyers of choice for businesses and individuals throughout Northern California.

Your opponent may have aggressive, well-funded and creative attorneys on their side. You deserve attorneys who have these attributes as well. Though arbitration has many differences from other methods of litigation and other options of Alternative Dispute Resolution, lawyers with extensive experience in court room trials and a background representing clients from a wide variety of fields can prove crucial. Many of the same procedures and requirements for a trial are present in the arbitration process. Since we have such vast experience in court and in arbitration, we are more than prepared for any case. There is no legal challenge too complex for the San Jose arbitration lawyers of Jachimowicz Law Group.

Whether you are simply considering litigation or you are already in the process, we have answers and we offer candid counsel. Contact us or call 408-550-1732 for a free and confidential consultation. We serve clients throughout northern California including San Jose, Santa Clara County and the San Francisco bay area.