What Northern Californians Need To Know About Drunk Driving

Many of the people who visit our office come because of concerns about DUI allegations. The subject can be very confusing. Our goal as your law firm is to lift the veil on the legal system and advocate for you. We explain every step of the process.

Below are some frequently asked questions about DUI. To get personalized information that considers your full case and context, schedule your appointment at 408-550-1732.

How Long Does A Drunk Driving Charge Stay On My Record?

DUI charges can stay on your record indefinitely. If the charge is a felony, you can expect life-long consequences, and it can include years in prison, license suspension and thousands of dollars in fines.

Can The State Take My Car?

Yes. The state may take your car, particularly if this is not your first DUI. If you are threatened with seizure of your car, call our office as soon as possible.

What Will Happen To My License?

California law requires minimum license suspensions starting with the first DUI allegation. The length varies from 6 months to a permanent suspension depending on your circumstances. You have only ten days to contest the suspension.

What If I Took A Breathalyzer Test?

There is no fool-proof sobriety testing method. Breathalyzer errors occur and are subject to calibration and administration issues. If you are concerned about a Breathalyzer test, tell us about your case. Jachimowicz Law Group can tell you if you have grounds to contest the results.

How Do I Schedule My Appointment?

Our lawyers have decades of DUI defense experience. Our strong defense is based in trial-tested strategies. To set up your initial free consultation, call Jachimowicz Law Group at our office by dialing 408-550-1732. You can also reach our attorneys online.