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San Jose Prostitution Attorneys for Solicitation of Prostitution, Pimping, and Solicitation of Lewd Conduct

At Jachimowicz Law Group, located in San Jose, California, our goal is to vigorously defend Californians who have been charged or accused of criminal offenses including prostitution and other sex crimes.

Recently the police have been using advertising sites such as Craig’s List or Redbook to lure males who may be looking for a massage or casual, lawful erotic contact. Once on the phone, the “prostitute” a police officer, will immediately start talking about explicit sexual acts for money. Many customers believe that a police officer must be honest when asked a direct question. When asked a direct question about whether she is a cop, she will virtually always say, “No.” Police officers do not have to be honest about this. Gone are the days when the “John” would have to bring up sex or money first.

The officer may immediately bring up the prospect of specific sex acts for money. Today the unsuspecting caller will be invited to a local and respectable hotel where he may often be humiliated and threatened to admit on pain of notifying his boss or wife (usually a false threat) that if he does not admit, he will be booked rather than cited for the crime. (Prostitution suspects are routinely cited to appear in court. A threat of booking is usually a false threat.)

Prostitution Charges in California

Prostitution laws in California state that anyone who makes an agreement with someone to engage in sexual conduct or to engage in prostitution is guilty of solicitation of prostitution, a misdemeanor. A typical prostitution transaction may involve charges against the provider of sexual services (prostitutes), the person paying for those services (solicitation of prostitution), or any middleman (for “pandering” or “pimping,” a very serious charge.

Prostitution is a misdemeanor, not a serious felony; however, a conviction can be devastating. The stigma of a sex related criminal record can damage a person’s reputation, career, or family life. Local Judges have been sentencing persons convicted of this offense to jail. This makes it imperative that the attorney look for every defense, possibly for a defense of entrapment or alternatives to a jail sentencing.

If you are facing charges of prostitution or solicitation of prostitution in California, you need an aggressive, experienced, and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. At Jachimowicz Law Group, two of our prostitution defense attorneys are former police officers. They and our entire criminal team understand how cases are investigated and tried. They know how to exploit the weaknesses in a prosecutor’s case while protecting the Constitutional rights of the accused.

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