San Jose Bike Accident Equipment Failure Lawyers

Defective Bike Component And Safety Gear Lawsuits In Northern California

If you have suffered a biking accident that was caused by equipment failure, you need San Jose personal injury attorneys on your side who have a particular focus on complex bicycle accident lawsuits. Our attorneys have extensive experience in product liability lawsuits that involve manufacturers, distributors, retail stores, bike rental stores and repair shops. Our San Jose personal injury attorneys are experienced advocates for cyclists who have been injured in accidents throughout California. We represent clients throughout Northern California and beyond, recovering millions of dollars in compensation for our clients over the last several decades. If you are seeking maximum compensation after a bicycle crash, you deserve a legal team with the experience and resources necessary to get the job done.

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One of our founding partners, Attorney Albie Jachimowicz, is an avid cyclist who understands the dangers involved in cycling. Albie and our dedicated team of attorneys, investigators and experts will sift through evidence from your bicycle accident and determine if you have a legitimate personal injury claim. If we represent you, our attorneys collect nothing unless we get compensation for you.

A Legal Team For The Most Complex Cases

Defective bicycle products are responsible for many injuries and deaths each year in California and across the country. Our attorneys know that cyclists rely on their equipment to protect them. Unfortunately, defective helmets and faulty spokes, brakes and other bicycle parts can do just the opposite, causing serious bike accidents. Our San Jose attorneys are extremely experienced in these types of cases, and we know how to identify all of the potential parties responsible for your bike accident. We handle cases involving all kinds of bike equipment failure, including:

  • Bike component failure
  • Wheel failure
  • Structural failure
  • Bike fork failure
  • Faulty bike repairs
  • Brake failure
  • Poorly designed bicycles
  • Defective bike wheel spokes

Additionally, our attorneys are highly skilled at identifying all sources of compensation. Thus, if an automobile caused your bike accident, for instance, we may perform a thorough analysis of the vehicle to determine if a defective car part contributed to your injuries. If it did, we may be able to obtain compensation from the manufacturer.

Whether a negligent component manufacturer is to blame for your serious bike accident or a reckless car driver is at fault, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to aggressively pursue compensation for you. Contact our attorneys for a no fee consultation.