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Our San Jose law firm has more than 30 years of experience representing clients who have been seriously injured in Northern California. Whether in car accidents, plane crashes or boating accidents, lawyers at our firm know how to get results. Our legal team consists of lawyers for boat crashes and other watercraft accidents, independent accident scene investigators, engineers to call upon to identify manufacturer defects, medical experts to assess injuries and other specialists who can help us determine the cause of your injuries. Our San Jose personal injury law firm has extensive resources and experienced attorneys to fight for fair compensation for your long-term needs. Our resources and experience have proven to be the keys to our success in even the most complex personal injury litigation.

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DUI Boating Accidents In San Francisco Bay Area

Though watercraft accidents are less common than some other types of injury cases, they are no less serious. Our attorneys have a clear understanding of how to investigate these cases and identify negligence and irresponsible behavior by those who caused your injuries. If a boat operator, jet ski rider or other watercraft driver failed to prioritize you or your loved one’s safety, we will hold them accountable.

Boating accidents, especially those involving alcohol, can lead to serious lacerations, loss of limbs, brain damage from high-speed collisions and neurological problems from lack of oxygen if near drowning is involved. Watercraft accidents can even result in wrongful death. No matter the challenges of your case, our San Jose lawyers for boat and watercraft accidents are prepared to help.

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Fishing Boat, Jet Ski, Wave Runner And Water Skiing Accidents

In addition to the thousands of miles of beach access in Northern California, there are also countless lakes and rivers that people enjoy year round. If you have been injured on a Northern California waterway, you need justice. Fishing vessel, jet ski, boat, wave runner and water skiing accidents are common throughout the area and a wide variety of causes can lead to serious injury. A drunk boat driver or a poorly manufactured engine in a jet ski can cause serious damage. A safety device may fail at a key moment. There are, unfortunately, countless ways that tragedy can happen on the water. If you are suffering or are trying to help a loved one recover from such an accident involving one of these watercraft, reach out to us and we will help you pursue maximum compensation.

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Our San Jose lawyers for boat and watercraft accidents combine extensive knowledge of general personal injury law with a specific focus on accidents that involve maritime law and waterway regulations. Call on us and we may be able to get you compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We serve all of northern California and the San Francisco bay area.