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Big Rig And Semi truck Accident Attorneys In The San Francisco Bay Area

When a heavy truck — a big rig, 18-wheeler, semi or tractor-trailer — gets into an accident, injuries are often extremely serious or fatal. Truck accident victims face overwhelming financial, medical and legal challenges. There are medical bills, lost wages, and long-term disability, or the challenge of coping with the death of a loved one.

Protect Your Right To Bring A Personal Injury Claim

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck crash, talk to a San Jose truck accident attorney at Jachimowicz Law Group. We have more than 30 years of experience investigating the causes of truck accidents to establish liability and get the compensation you deserve.

Many factors can contribute to a truck accident. We hire investigators and expert witnesses to reconstruct accidents to determine all causes.

  • Was the driver exhausted from driving more hours than the law allows? Did the driver have a history of unsafe driving, tickets for reckless driving, or the use of drugs or alcohol?
  • Was the truck poorly maintained? Did parts on the truck malfunction? Trucks can overturn or experience brake failure if there has been a problem with maintenance or the trailer is overweight or improperly loaded.

The legal system can be tough to navigate in the best of times. It can be overwhelming for people who have suffered brain injuries, truck accident victims facing a lifetime of quadriplegia or paraplegia from spinal cord injury, and families that have lost a loved one to wrongful death.

Do not lose your right to sue. There is a statute of limitations for personal injury cases. If you do not file your claim before time runs out, you will lose your chance for financial recovery. You can depend on the truck accident attorneys at Jachimowicz Law Group to thoroughly investigate your case and to file your claim promptly so your rights are protected.

Contact A San Jose Truck Accident Attorney

Contact our San Jose law office today to speak directly with an attorney about your truck accident case. All of our fees for personal injury cases are contingency-based — this means you pay no attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you. For a free consultation, call 408-550-1732.