San Jose Law And Addiction Defense Lawyers

Alcohol Or Drug Problems – Helping Our Clients Find Permanent Solutions To Legal Issues

At the law offices of Jachimowicz Law Group, located in San Jose, California, our goal is to vigorously defend Californians who have been charged or accused of criminal offenses.

Often, our cases involve the use of alcohol or drugs, whether legal medicines or illegal drugs. When this is the case, we look to find the true alcohol or drug problems of our clients, which are causing them trouble with the criminal justice system, and recommend RECOVERY PROGRAMS when those programs can help with the ultimate survival of our client in his or her home and work life. These programs can also help avoid jail in many circumstances.

Addiction itself is not a crime, but the alcohol or drug-addicted person is often in the position of being arrested. A high percentage of criminal law cases involve alcohol or drugs. Being arrested under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not mean the person is drug-addicted. Having a professional determine whether alcohol or drugs, prescription or illegal drugs, have become not only part of the criminal problem but also a life problem, can be critically important.

Seeking Solutions To Break The Addiction Cycle

We emphasize the solution to addiction problems and seek alternatives to jail for the alcohol or drug-addicted person. Our law firm believes that prevention of most crime largely lies in the hands of untreated alcoholism, addiction or psychiatric problems. Our professionals will work with you to make the best choice for yourself or for your family members. We believe treatment helps our clients come to grips with the addictive process, prevent future problems, and effectively deal with the present problem.

If you have been or are about to be charged with a crime related to drugs or drug addiction, contact or call Jachimowicz Law Group at 408-550-1732 immediately. We can help you stay out of jail and get your life back on track.

We help clients throughout Northern California including San Jose, Santa Clara and the San Francisco Bay Area.