San Jose Business Lawyers For Debt Collection

Protecting Your Business

Does someone owe you money? If you are seeking business litigation attorneys to help with collections, call our San Jose law office. Invoices that are not paid in a timely manner can create a domino effect in your business. Our business litigation attorneys may be able to help you avoid many of the challenges that can arise when a client or customer does not pay for goods or services that you provided. Many times we can quickly negotiate with your delinquent customer and help you get paid in a very timely manner. However, we will also prepare to take your case to court and pursue what is in your best interest. Throughout the process, we will inform and educate you about the many options for achieving your goals.

We understand your frustration, and know how to offer peace of mind. Like many of our business owner clients, you may have exhausted all of your options for pursuing payment. Turn to us if you are in the process of requesting payment. Whether you have been pursuing collections for a week or many months, we can help. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin assisting you. Furthermore, we can review your contracts and invoices to strengthen them and help minimize collection challenges in the future.

Respected and Reputable Collection Law Firm

Our San Jose-based law firm offers comprehensive business litigation services. We have been doing so for many years and have helped hundreds of business owners and corporations throughout Northern California achieve and maintain viability. Because we have such a robust understanding of business law and the California legal system, we have many strategies for helping you achieve your financial and legal goals. When collections are involved, our experience allows us to be sophisticated negotiators and aggressive advocates for your rights.

You may have an invoice that is months or even years past due. The customer may have possession of your property but refuses to respond to your inquiries or disputes a charge and refuses to pay. One of your clients may indicate that they cannot pay. You may be involved in a contract dispute. In all of these instances, and many others, we know how to pursue your best interests. Our lawyers are prepared to help in a wide variety of business disputes over collections in nearly any industry including the agricultural, digital, industrial, medical and retail fields.

Our law firm has deep roots and vast resources in Silicon Valley and throughout California. Forensic accountants, private investigators and even law enforcement officials: we know how to call on the appropriate resources to meet your goals.

Proactive & Practical Legal Power

Whether you are owed millions of dollars or a lesser amount, we know that your business cannot thrive without income. Our first step will be to negotiate with your customer to receive payment, but if a trial is necessary, we will be your tenacious advocates and use all of our experience to help. By contacting us at the first sign of trouble, we may be able to help you avoid a lengthy collection process. We may even be able to help if your customer has filed for bankruptcy protection. You may have many options. We will explain them all. Call us at 408-550-1732.