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The experienced criminal lawyers at Jachimowicz Law Group defend clients against all types of drug possession charges. Our attorneys have defended many clients successfully against such charges and know how to build strong cases. With a legal team that includes two former police officers, we know law enforcement procedures and prosecution strategies. We use this knowledge to advocate effectively for our clients.

Most California drug charges are felonies and the consequences of a conviction are significant. Depending on the drug, a conviction can mean mandatory lengthy prison time. Moreover, California has sentencing enhancements that add time to a sentence if there are prior convictions, guns in the house where drugs are kept, etc. Some people think that drug possession is a minor offense. This is hardly ever true.

Only charges involving small amounts of marijuana for personal use or possession of drug paraphernalia are misdemeanors or infractions. Most other possession charges are felonies. However, California does have alternative sentencing programs that can prevent a lengthy prison sentence if the defendant qualifies. Our experienced defense lawyers can explain a client’s options and develop the best strategy.

Building A Strong Defense Against Drug Possession Charges In Santa Clara County

When building a defense against drug possession charges, our lawyers look at how law enforcement collected the evidence. We verify that the police did not violate our client’s rights and that they handled and labeled the evidence properly. In cases involving marijuana possession charges, we determine whether our client had a valid medical marijuana card. We make sure that the amount of the drug involved was measured correctly. We explore whether the defendant knowingly possessed the drug. In cases involving prescription drugs, we look at our client’s medical history to identify mitigating circumstances.

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If you have been charged with state or federal drug possession, you need the best possible attorney handling your case. Contact a San Jose and Gilroy drug crime attorney at Jachimowicz Law Group or call us at 408-550-1732.

There is never a charge for your initial in-office conference with us. At that conference, the facts and defense of your case are discussed as well as the fee we will charge. In most cases, payment plans can be arranged.

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