San Jose Nursing Mothers Rights Lawyers

Attorneys For Nursing Mothers In San Francisco And Throughout The Bay Area

If you are a nursing mother who has been discriminated against while at work, San Jose attorneys for nursing mothers at Jachimowicz Law Group are prepared to pursue justice and compensation for you. We are a law firm that focuses on civil rights and employment law for employees who have faced discrimination, mistreatment or retaliation. We represent clients throughout San Jose who have been mistreated by their employers for a wide variety of reasons and we have a particular focus on pregnancy discrimination and discrimination against nursing mothers in San Jose.

Our San Jose employment law attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients throughout California. Because we are one of the most successful law firms in Northern California, we have vast resources, extensive experience and a proven legal team that knows how to aggressively pursue compensation for nursing mothers whose rights have been denied at work.

Contact our San Jose nursing mothers rights lawyers online or call 408-550-1732 for a confidential and complimentary consultation about your workplace rights. You have rights and we will fight to have them protected. Not only will we seek maximum compensation for you, but we will also fight to have conditions improved at your workplace so that fairness is made a priority.

Working Mothers Can Face Discrimination

Many people who face discrimination in the workplace become afraid to assert their rights. But just like anyone who has their rights violated at work, mothers who face discrimination have lawyers on their side to help assert their rights.

If you are a nursing mother and have not been allowed appropriate breaks, if you have been harassed or faced any type of mistreatment, you do not have to simply accept these unfair and unlawful conditions. Your employer must adhere to the law and ensure a safe, professional and hospitable environment for all employees. If they have not, our San Jose attorneys for nursing mothers will pursue justice and compensation on your behalf. If you have experienced any of the following or discrimination of any kind, we are on your side:

  • The denial of reasonable break time to express breast milk as often as needed
  • A place, other than a bathroom, appropriate for expressing milk
  • Violations of any federal or state law regarding employee rights
  • Retaliation for asserting your rights

San Jose Discrimination Lawyers

San Jose attorneys for nursing mothers at Jachimowicz Law Group are ready to thoroughly investigate your case and pursue justice through settlement or verdict. If you have tried to have your rights observed and you have been mistreated or threatened as a result, you are particularly encouraged to call us at 408-550-1732. We are extremely successful in cases that involve whistle blowing.