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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious charge even when the lowest-level offense is involved. But the situation can become life-altering when a DUI is combined with the charge of manslaughter or homicide. Vehicular homicide while driving under the influence carries heavy penalties including long prison sentences. Don’t face such consequences without our San Jose DUI criminal defense lawyers on your side. We are not a DUI mill. We are criminal defense lawyers who handle the most serious criminal cases in California. For the most serious criminal cases, we are the attorneys to contact. Law enforcement officers and prosecutors can be ruthless in their desire to accuse and incarcerate. We know how to fight back.

The criminal defense lawyers at Jachimowicz Law Group are here to help you. Our firm includes several lawyers who possess 25 or more years of experience with California DUI laws and defense. Put your trust in a criminal defense law firm that will give your driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol case the focus it deserves.

  • We are experienced in vehicular manslaughter, and we will protect your rights even in the most serious of circumstances.
  • We will concentrate all of our efforts on you and your case. Ensuring your rights is our top priority and we have a long record of success.
  • When people’s lives and freedom are at stake, they turn to us.

Throughout California, former clients refer their loved-ones to us because they know, when serious penalties are on the line, we know how to provide a legal shield. In many instances, we have had our clients’ charges completely dropped before a trial. But even in cases where the evidence seems allied against our client, we have, countless times, been able to have charges significantly reduced and penalties minimized.

Campbell DUI Manslaughter Defense Attorneys

When a driver has prior driving under the influence charges or is blamed for DUI manslaughter, immediate consultation with an attorney is vital. Having a defense lawyer is not a privilege; it is a right that must be exercised.

The proper approach, many times, is two-tiered. First, we may seek to prove that our client was not intoxicated beyond the legal definition of intoxication. Second, we may show that our client was not a legal cause of death. Just being intoxicated is not a “legal cause” of injury or death. Let us be your advocate through every step of the legal process when you have been accused of driving while intoxicated especially if your case carries the most serious penalties.

Our lawyers possess the knowledge to get all possible consideration from the court if you have been found to be intoxicated. We can also help avoid a higher bail. Our attorneys have the expertise to find the flaws in the case against you. If we go to trial, you will have DUI attorneys who have successfully represented people just like you for several decades. Contact us now at 408-550-1732.