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Have You Been Unlawfully Fired In Campbell, Oakland, Or The Bay Area?

San Jose attorneys for wrongful termination cases are on your side if you have been unlawfully fired. We are also on your side if your employer or supervisor has threatened you with firing. If your employer uses the threat of firing you as a method of intimidation and harassment, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. While most employers enter into professional relationships in good faith, many violate the rights of their employees. When your rights have been violated and you have been fired or threatened with firing, turn to San Jose attorneys for wrongful termination cases who are dedicated to your rights and to getting justice for all employees.

Our attorneys have the resources and the experience to stand up for your rights. If you feel you have been treated unfairly by your employer and would like to speak directly with an experienced San Jose attorney for wrongful termination cases, contact our San Jose law offices online or call 408-550-1732. Your consultation with a San Jose attorney for wrongful termination cases is free.

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Victims of wrongful termination often feel powerless and unheard. Many times an employee will witness unethical behavior at their workplace and suffer harassment, discrimination and threats. In an effort to eliminate a “problem” employee, the employer may fire them. This may be a perfect example of wrongful termination but there are many scenarios in which wrongful termination may occur:

  • Your employer may not want to pay your bonus and fires you before you receive it
  • An employer may not want to continue paying your medical benefits
  • Your employer violates your rights by firing you for becoming pregnant
  • You may be fired for refusing sexual advances by your supervisor

The list is nearly endless for how an employer can violate your rights through wrongful termination or the threat of termination. No matter how you are mistreated in your workplace, our law firm is prepared to help. We are experienced San Jose employment law attorneys and business lawyers who place a high value on providing personal service and practical solutions to our clients. We have over 30 years’ experience assisting clients with complex legal concerns in the areas of:

Often, when injustice occurs in the workplace, a person’s first instinct is to notify a supervisor or manager in-house and stay within the “chain of command.” However, that is not always an effective method. A supervisor may not have an employee’s best interests in mind, may not know the law and may also see employees as a threat to their power. Our San Jose attorneys for wrongful termination cases have your best interests in mind and will vigorously defend your rights if you have been unjustly fired from your job.

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If you complained of illegal treatment or blew the whistle on illegal actions by your employer or supervisor and you were fired, that is considered retaliation. You may be able to sue your former employer on a contingent fee basis. This means you pay nothing until the successful resolution of your case, whether through verdict or settlement. Contact our San Jose attorneys for wrongful termination cases now for a free evaluation of your circumstances and advise on how best to proceed with legal action.