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When a loved one has suffered a brain injury in an accident, personal injury compensation cannot begin to compensate a life completely changed by a single injury. A personal injury settlement or judgment can, however, help the brain injured victim deal with the future. Jachimowicz Law Group in San Jose, California, has extensive experience helping brain injury victims.

Our attorneys often speak to groups of doctors about the needs of brain injury victims. We bring over 30 years of legal experience to every personal injury case, and we understand the special needs of brain injury victims long term.

  • The effects of brain injuries vary widely, but every brain injury is serious. Some brain injured people will need full support and care for a lifetime. Others may require occupational therapy and a lower level of financial support.
  • Our law firm works with brain injury victims and their families to develop a structured settlement that provides payments with interest over a lifetime.
  • With a catastrophic injury such as a brain injury, it is important to have experienced personal injury lawyers who know how to find all the liable parties for an injury. Liability for a car accident, for example, might include an auto accident insurance claim, direct action against the other driver’s personal assets, or a product liability claim for a malfunctioning airbag or seat belt.

Protect Your Right To Bring A Personal Injury Claim

In almost every accident, there is a potential for a brain injury. A closed-head injury or a badly shaken head (inside a helmet, for example) can mean a lifetime of limited expectations and abilities. Our personal injury lawyers can help you know and protect your rights no matter how you were injured:

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