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Experienced Expungement Defense Lawyers In Fremont, Cupertino, And Los Gatos

Our lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience in the Bay Area, and we have helped countless clients get their criminal records cleared. While certain crimes cannot be dismissed through the process of expungement, many of them can be. Reach out to our San Jose expungement attorneys now for answers to your most serious legal questions including:

  • How do I get my record cleared?
  • If I am currently facing charges, can I get a past conviction expunged?
  • Can sex crimes be expunged?
  • Will my record be completely clear if my past conviction is expunged?
  • Can a felony be reduced to a misdemeanor?

These are just a few examples of the many questions you may have for an attorney. Jachimowicz Law Group has the answers to even your most complex questions, and we are prepared to be your guides and your advocates through even the most challenging legal struggles.

Expungement For Immigrants And People Dependent On A Clear Record

While no one wants to have a criminal record, for certain members of the population, having a clear record is absolutely vital. If your career or a professional license such as a medical, teaching credential or license to practice law are on the line, you must be extremely vigilant about keeping a clear record. If you have been convicted of a crime, you need immediate assistance and advice. Don’t wait to call us. The sooner we become involved, the sooner we can begin working to get your criminal record cleared.

Another segment of the population that must be particularly cautious about not violating the law is the immigrant community. Any conviction can seriously jeopardize the immigration status of a member of this community. Our attorneys are skilled at helping in these circumstances and we know that the stakes are high. With a conviction, deportation becomes a real possibility. By having criminal charges cleared, deportation may be removed as a possibility and current immigration status may remain intact.

Our legal team includes seasoned trial lawyers, investigators, expert witnesses and support staff dedicated to providing aggressive and sophisticated legal defense to clients. Many people turn to us because they know we can get results. For your benefit, we will apply our knowledge of the state and federal criminal justice system gained through years of experience as law enforcement officers and defense attorneys. Our law practice includes zealous pursuit of expungement and dismissal of criminal records when these are options.

When records of an arrest or conviction are sealed or expunged, it is usually possible for defendants to treat an arrest or conviction as if it had never taken place. Our extensive experience in criminal defense has given us a thorough understanding of the best route to a favorable outcome for clients for whom expungement is an option. If you are interested in having your record cleared, contact us and get the answers and the guidance you need. Call 408-550-1732 for a free consultation today.