Answering Your Questions About Motorcycle Accidents

For more than 30 years, Jachimowicz Law Group has been a legal pillar that motorcyclists can trust. We work with motorcyclists across the Bay Area to help keep roads safe and get them support when careless driving causes major injuries. We are passionate about the rights of bikers.

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What Are The Most Common Motorcycle Injuries?

Motorcycle accidents regularly cause more serious injuries than other crashes. Motorcyclists simply do not have the protections drivers and their passengers possess. Common injuries include complex and compound fractures, brain damage and spine injuries. In many cases, these accidents lead to paralysis or death.

How Do I Know I Know If Someone Else Is At Fault?

The court determines this through many different means, including physical evidence, police reports and eye witness testimony. Jachimowicz Law Group can help identify the causes of your injuries and then build a case that shows your story clearly for the court.

What Kind Of Help Can A Settlement Offer?

A legal settlement can provide you with critical financial support that pays for your bills, including medical care, emergency services, in-home nursing care and your inability to work during recovery. The extent of your settlement depends on your circumstances. Talk to our lawyers about what forms of compensation you may receive.

Do I Need To Get A Lawyer?

Yes. Some insurance companies may give you a settlement offer quickly. Unfortunately, without a lawyer working on your behalf, many of these settlements will undervalue your needs and fail to appropriately provide for you.

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