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If you have been charged with a DUI and a car accident is also involved, you need immediate legal assistance from skilled and experienced drunk driving accident attorneys. At Jachimowicz Law Group, our San Jose criminal defense law firm has experience with the most complex DUI cases and we can create strategies to challenge the evidence against you. Even if you have been lead to believe that your DUI accident case is an open-and-shut case, we are your allies. There is no case that is hopeless. In even the most challenging DUI cases, our defense attorneys will protect your rights. Aggressively.

When you or someone you love faces DUI or vehicular homicide charges, you need aggressive legal defense. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Other Charges Associated With DUI Accidents

In addition to a DUI charge, you may also be charged with vehicular assault or homicide. Our DUI defense attorneys will fully investigate the facts of your case using police reports, witness statements, expert opinions and other evidence. These types of cases are extremely intricate and require diligent, dedicated and resourceful attorneys. As one of the largest and most successful criminal defense law firms in Northern California, we are prepared for even the most complex and highest-stakes cases. Our goal is to aggressively and effectively challenge the evidence presented against you and keep you out of jail and allow you to support your family.

Getting pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence will normally result in a DUI charge. However, if you are arrested for driving under the influence after an accident, you may face more serious charges and extremely severe penalties. If any injuries were involved in the accident, the charge will almost certainly be elevated to a felony and you will face a potential state prison sentence.

Drunk Driving Accidents And Repeat DUI Arrests

While a drunk driving accident alone is considered an aggravating circumstance, your need for immediate legal assistance is even greater if you face a second drunk driving offense. If this is your fourth drunk driving offense in 10 years, you may be facing felony DUI charges. Any time you are being charged with a subsequent offense, you need clear and immediate advice from an experienced DUI lawyer. Contact our attorneys by calling 408-550-1732.

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